Sunday Self Care Connections

In a world halted by the events following the pandemic of COVID-19 and uneasy social climate, it is a goal of Essential Connections Wellness Services, PLLC to help you understand that YOU matter. The owner, dives deep into the concept and practice of self care. This life coaching self support group was created for the purpose of helping you understand you matter and how to accomplish self-care goals. Offered with limited space for 8 consecutive weeks, we encourage you to be the one that cares about you the most and sign up today! Delivered only on telehealth format due to COVID 19 restrictions. Future outside groups considered. Next Group rotation starting 8/13/2023! Complete the info page under Contact or email info@essentialconnectwell.com with interest TODAY!

Thank You For Choosing You!

Essential Connections Wellness Services, PLLC would like to Thank You For Choosing You Today! If you found yourself on this website, we are happy to inform you that you have found the right place to start putting the essential pieces of you or your business together! Here at Essential Connections Wellness Services, PLLC, we understand the need of the working professional and essential worker population. We believe therapist need therapist too! In fact, we believe best care practices support addressing the mental health needs of the professional population as well as those entering into the workforce, especially those who work in areas of Mental Health, Substance Use, Healthcare, and Legal professions.

At Essential Connections Wellness Services, PLLC we encourage the inquiries of professionals across North Carolina eager to receive mental health or coaching services designed with confidentiality and respect. Essential Connections Wellness Services, PLLC offers a variety of services which look to promote the overall health and wellness of the individual, family, and community. Browse around and be sure to complete the contact page to schedule an appointment or consultation today! In celebration of you finding us, we are offering 1 free 30 minute phone consultation when interested in coaching or consulting services!

The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

Mission Statement: To motivate, inspire, and encourage the process of making essential connections to overcome milestones and create a healthier happier you at every age.

Vision Statement: Providing services catering to the overall wellness of others and/or their businesses through coaching, consulting, counseling, training, and wellness products.